Questions and requirements for admission to Hubba Hubba hotel for dogs in Sofia

To begin with, please get in touch with us. It is advisable to contact the numbers provided since we will require further information regarding your dog. If your inquiry regarding a location is not immediate, it is probable that we may request you to visit for a trial day to determine if your pet would feel at ease in the surroundings we offer. The saying “a sound mind in a sound body” is equally applicable to animals, and an initial visit will assist them in acclimating to their new surroundings more effortlessly. Canine conduct is also significant, particularly for a hotel that allows canines to roam freely.

If both parties are interested in having a trial day, we can arrange one. If no prior arrival is required, we will provide the dates for your stay and make your reservation.

  • Passport with up-to-date immunisations, including for “Kennel Cough”.

  • Internal and external parasite control. If the last dates are not specified on the passport, you can write them on a plain piece of paper and attach the paper to the passport.
    Your dog’s regular food.

  • In some situations, a bed, toy, and bowls may be provided. However, this is primarily for animals who will have their own designated space, and the intention is to have something familiar in that area.

  • Leash/collar with leash.

    We suggest that you have a vaccination for Kennel Cough (infectious tracheobronchitis) before to your visit. This virus has been especially relevant in recent years. It is typical in parks, gardens, and places where more pets gather. The virus has a lengthy time of development and cannot be identified until the initial symptoms manifest. The condition is not life-threatening for the dog, but it can be bothersome to manage and can be resolved by taking antibiotics. The vaccination in issue can be obtained from any veterinarian and is delivered either as nasal drops or orally. It has a gentle effect on the body. It helps you save money on medical appointments and prescriptions, and its primary benefit is that it shields your dog from this illness for a full year.

Pets can be picked up and dropped off every day from  8 – 10 am. and 1 – 8 pm. We would like to mention that if your dog is coming to see us for the first time, it is advisable to bring him before 2 pm. Animals require adaptation to their environment, and this process is facilitated during daylight hours.

Every customer is provided with the hotel’s operational phone number, which differs from the ones displayed on the internet. Once you start using our services, this phone number will be the primary means of communication with you. You will receive details on your dog from it and utilise them when you drop off or pick up your dog.

Please contact us either by phone or email as you go from your residence to the hotel, rather than waiting until you arrive at the hotel’s location. Picking up and dropping off pets occurs outside the yard, and if you arrive without an appointment, it may disturb the animals’ pleasant time in the yard. By informing us in advance, we will be informed of your arrival and the dogs will be kept indoors.

We understand that every owner desires to visit the location where they will leave their pet. To ensure that your pet has a pleasant and relaxed stay, we make a significant effort to offer them a sense of freedom and tranquilly.

An unexpected arrival of an outsider disrupts the balance and increases the activity of the animals. Due to this, we have established a designated period for each owner to visit the location where they will be leaving their dog.

This can occur on weekdays from 10:30 to 13:00, but you must have scheduled your arrival time with us in advance, preferably a few days beforehand. We cannot accept you if you arrive without prior notice.

We can also provide you with an online tour of the hotel, if this would be more convenient for you instead of spending time and arriving in person.