Why choose our pet transport service?

транспорт на домашни любимци

Our pet transportation service is appropriate for individuals who need to bring their pet to a certain destination in Sofia, but are unable or prefer not to use a personal vehicle. If you ever need to bring your pet to a hotel or veterinarian, but do not have transportation, feel free to contact us. Our vehicles are suitable for pets and our conduct is both professional and responsible.

With us, you won’t witness dogs being kept in cramped cages or subjected to terrible treatment. On the other hand. We provide personalised and empathetic treatment to our clients. The true incentives in this line of work are a contented pet, successfully completing its travel without stress, and a pleased owner.

Please contact us using the above phone numbers to discuss the details of your pet’s transportation, including the desired time and location. This will enable us to provide you with an accurate price estimate.

транспорт на кучета

Pet transport in Bulgaria

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We make every effort to facilitate pet transportation to and from any location in Bulgaria. Currently, we can only provide occasional transport in the directions of Sofia-Varna-Burgas-Sofia.

Ensuring the well-being, welfare, and dependability during the transportation of dogs and cats in Sofia and around the country.

We are confident in our ability to offer reliable transportation services for your pet. We have completed courses on transporting animals with a focus on their well-being. We also adopt an individualised approach to other areas of transportation, including situations involving young individuals, older individuals, health concerns, and so on.

Vehicles are disinfected, serviced, and maintained regularly. They are designed to carry animals of varying sizes.

Other questions and answers

When we transport your pet, we can provide tracking links to establish our location and estimate arrival time frames.

Yes, owners are allowed to travel with their dogs thanks to our pet transport service. There is no extra charge if for any reason you wish to travel with your pet as our prices are based on the cost of transport, but we should note the fact that some of our vehicles only have one passenger seat.

In most cases, the transport of dogs in Sofia is individual, especially if it is a visit to the vet. Transport in the country can also be done in groups and this is a preferred option for us because it comes out financially more cost-effective for the client.

The best option is to have the animal vaccinated. If it is young and unvaccinated, we will only provide a vehicle for it.

Take a look at the “Questions and Requirements” page where you can get more complete information on how to register your dog with us.