Hubba Hubba Daycare and Dog Hotel Sofia

В двора, понякога успяваш да останеш незабелязан
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The Expansive Canine Accommodation in Sofia

Our hotel is located at the foot of Vitosha. We own a cluster of pine trees that provides shade to fifty percent of our yard, in addition to a level and sunny meadow that comprises the remaining portion of our outside area. You can reach them directly by going down the basement floor of our house, which is a spacious living area measuring approximately 80 m2. Our living space is built for the most gregarious creatures. The canines are considered part of the family, and the caregivers are present with them at all times. We provide private accommodations both on the lower and upper floors of the main building, as well as in a separate annex. If, for any reason, the canines require segregation from the remaining individuals in the collective, they are allocated to the chambers.

Extra activities offered at the Hubba Hubba Dog Hotel

The previous content should demonstrate that our primary focus is the joy and welfare of the animals. The setting we have created aims to provide the utmost for our four-legged companions. Our supplementary endeavors specifically aim to fortify this connection and facilitate the experience for individuals who own pets.

Hiking in the mountains and other obedience training activities are beneficial for the physical and mental stimulation of dogs. Additionally, we offer services such as washing, grooming, and transportation to assist owners.

We would like to reiterate that our endeavors are not focused on outcomes but rather serve as a tool to enhance the overall experience during your stay at the hotel. When it comes to transportation, it is advisable to make a reservation or have a conversation with one of us as soon as you can. We are unable to supply it at the eleventh hour. The identical applies to washing and grooming animals. These extra amenities must be booked ahead of time.

Допълнителни дейности в Hubba Hubba Хотел за Кучета

Dog Training at Hubba Hubba

Canine training is an extra amenity that you may inquire about, although it is intended to enhance your pet’s experience. Our training is beneficial for all dogs. It establishes a connection with the handler, enhances the dog’s capacity to perform tasks, and most importantly, stimulates his cognitive abilities. Numerous individuals inquire about our provision of training for achieving outcomes. Our training service is offered as an added amenity, but, its purpose is not to achieve specific outcomes. Instead, it focuses on stimulating the brain activity of the dog while they are staying with us. Based on numerous studies, engaging a dog in mental exercise for 20 minutes is equivalent in terms of benefits to them running and playing in the park for 3 hours. By incorporating general obedience training, interactive games, and a variety of toys, we enhance the engagement and beneficial stay of our guests. We are of the opinion that achieving obedience through training necessitates direct engagement between the trainer and owner. Consequently, if you are seeking to address a particular issue such as leash pulling, unhealthy eating habits, or unmanageable behavior, we recommend reaching out to a trainer who can collaborate with you and your dog.

Hikes in Vitosha Mountain

Mountain hikes are frequently paired with dog daycare services by consumers. This service is highly sought after by our consumers. It is appropriate for all dogs that are accustomed to running unrestricted and without a leash. Customers whose pets are not very playful also love walks, and going for a stroll in nature is an excellent way for them to stay physically active.

The treks in the mountains and the training we previously discussed are elements that enhance your dog’s physical and mental stimulation. They assist in our dog boarding and daycare services, providing outstanding quality and beneficial care for animals. Please be aware that these services are not obligatory. Our business is structured in a manner that aims to provide security and convenience, ensuring that every client feels confident that their dog is being taken care of under our care.

Socialization of our four-legged guests

Have you ever witnessed a diminutive canine fleeing from a larger one in trepidation, only to be embraced by its owner and escorted to a secure location? Alternatively, have you observed the same small dog barking aggressively, as if poised to strike, only to be comforted by its owner once more? Or perhaps, have you seen the small dog directly engage in an attack, only to ultimately be embraced by its owner once again?

Have you ever witnessed a canine on a leash exhibit a sudden forward movement upon spotting another dog, or get frightened and seek refuge behind its owner?

Have you ever witnessed a pair of canines engaging in playful activities, frequently including toys or sticks, with their play gradually escalating in intensity and eventually culminating in the well-known phrase “from toy to cry”?

Социализация на кучета

If you possess a canine that, throughout its early stages, was engaged in harsh play with other canines, you may have observed that as it has matured, it continues to engage in rough play.

If you are the guardian of a pet that has had a dog attack, you may have observed that, due to its size, it may now exhibit aggression towards particular breeds or continue to feel scared or nervous.

Wow Hubba’s daycare and hotel service might serve as an excellent solution to address the aforementioned concerns.

Our socialization is an uncomplicated and efficient approach centered around a fundamental group of animals that have been well-socialized. Together with them, your pets will adapt successfully and adopt positive behaviors.

We consistently accept a maximum of one or two unfamiliar dogs (after a trial day or thorough conversation with the owner), which allows the main group to maintain its equilibrium when new dogs join. Viewers have complete control over this procedure. This is a basic procedure for us, which enables us to be beneficial to animals and uphold the excellence of our services.

Health and Safety

Crucial elements of our mission to offer high-quality dog care. We prioritize the belief that the well-being of animals’ mental condition is crucial to their overall health. Our residence was specifically selected to provide animals with a comfortable environment where they may feel at ease, without confinement and with increased interaction from both their fellow animals and people. Certainly, it’s important to understand that the hotel you consider to be the greatest may not be as satisfactory from your pet’s perspective. Thus, it is common for us to do trial-day stays prior to a dog’s first extended stay with us.

Once we are certain that the dog will surpass the initial stress, we are composed enough to carefully observe it. We witness additional elements that provide us with a comprehensive understanding of how the pet is perceived. Our activities, which are designed to ensure a pleasant and productive stay, or at the at least, a stay that is not harmful, originate from that point.

Happiness is synonymous with good health, but there are also other strictly physical, health-related, and domestic factors that, albeit infrequently, can potentially jeopardize the well-being of a dog. This is where the staff’s duty comes into play, as they continuously monitor the animals’ well-being for their safety. Here arises the significance of the veterinarians we collaborate with, who assist us when a renegade has a limp due to excessive gaming or is ill with a viral infection (for juvenile animals, a canine boarding facility can be akin to a preschool for a young child).

Now is the moment to discuss the significance of a nutritious diet. Envision one anxiety-inducing aspect for your canine companion is the transition from home to the dog boarding facility. Avoid introducing your dog to a new food as an additional stressor. Always provide familiar food to prevent stomach discomfort in the dog. This, together with the initial stress element, weakens the dog’s immune system and makes it more vulnerable to viruses and germs. If you happen to not bring the regular food or if it is insufficient, we will provide him with a special veterinarian gastrointestinal food that will not disrupt his diet and will not lead to any digestive issues.

Take a look at the “Questions and requirements” page, where you can get more complete information about the entire process of “entering” your dog with us.

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