Dog Walking in Vitosha Mountain

This is a highly sought-after service among our clientele. We are situated near the Vitosha Nature Park, which is appreciated by the dogs who are our guests. Our joyful quadruped companions relish leisurely strolls in the highlands, along paths that seldom encounter human presence and, most significantly, are devoid of any vehicular traffic.

Which dogs are appropriate for the Mountain Walk service?

Mountain hikes are appropriate for any canines that are accustomed to running without restraint. They are also favoured by clients whose pets do not engage in much play and consider a walk in nature as an excellent form of physical activity.

The age of the pets is also something we consider. When the dogs are still young and their bone structure is not fully matured, we utilise flat routes that are more suited to avoid putting excessive strain on the animals. This also applies to senior animals, where we aim to reduce stress on their joints.

The connection between the person taking care of the dogs and the dogs themselves is also a consideration that decides if a pet can go hiking in the mountains. Walking in a group can help a dog become used to the freedom of the mountains. The dog follows the main group of dogs, who are obedient and already have a strong bond with the person walking them. Therefore, within a team, the handler and the primary group instruct the new member of the group to remain together with them.

Well, not everyone is willing to go on walks in the mountains, but we do have a spacious and safe garden where we can engage in various activities and our dogs can enjoy themselves.

разходки в планината на кучета

The method and timing of service mountain dog walking

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Simply express your interest in this service dog walkers near me, and we will then evaluate whether your dog is prepared for a mountain walk. We believe that the walks are most suitable for dogs that can be walked without a leash, as it is uncertain whether walking on a leash is necessary given that we have a spacious and secure yard where your dog can freely explore. However, if your dog forms a connection with us, and you have established a routine and trained it to walk without a leash, then going on hikes in the mountains can be an incredibly enjoyable experience.

It can be done either individually for your dog or as part of a group with other dogs, which is a favourable choice if your pet is sociable.

We utilise less frequented paths in the mountains that are seldom visited by individuals and devoid of any vehicular traffic. Due to the equitable treatment of hikers in the highlands, walks are only feasible on weekdays. During weekends and public holidays, the pets simply enjoy themselves in the garden and do not bother hikers in the mountains.

Take a look at the “Questions and Requirements” page where you can get more complete information on how to register your dog with us.

разходки в планината на кучета