Our home and your hotel for dogs in Sofia

Our home is a haven for your dogs, a location where they will not be alone and definitely will not be uninterested. With us, they will have the opportunity to play, move around freely, acquire knowledge, and interact with others…they will experience happiness.

And you may be assured that we are providing excellent care for your dogs, giving you peace of mind.

Our dog boarding facility and the creche connected to it are situated in the Boyana area, right at the base of Vitosha mountain. This location provides a more environmentally friendly and natural aspect to dog care in Sofia.

We own a spacious house with three floors, and a garden measuring 1400 square meters, which includes a pleasant pine grove and ample space for recreational activities. Even if you have canines who are not as playful, there’s no need to fear. The more tranquil four-legged animals like timidly exploring every part of the garden.

нашият дом хъба хъба петс
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The concept of the location is to ensure your pet’s happiness and a stress-free experience throughout their stay, minimising any discomfort caused by the change in surroundings and a new setting. The hotel’s interior design indicates that there are two options available for taking care of dogs. Private rooms and communal care in our spacious living area.

The initial choice, for instance, is appropriate for animals who are more assertive and have not been neutered, either in their adult stage or for those who do not feel at ease in the presence of peers of the same age. The second option is more suitable for teenage pets or those that are totally sociable in their interactions.

Throughout the day, the living room of the house is also used for other games, particularly when the weather outdoors is unfavourable.

  • Is it possible to see the pet boarding facility in person?
  • What is the process for animal boarding?
  • What steps should you take to bring your dog to our hotel?

Take a look at the “Questions and Requirements” page where you can get more complete information on how to register your dog with us.