Dog Daycare or Dog Kindergarten in Sofia

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This service provides a wonderful chance for your pet to overcome boredom, freely interact with other animals, enjoy the outdoors, reduce harmful behaviours, and experience happiness and affection among new companions.

“Doggie Daycare” is suitable for young dogs and pets full of energy, for older but still active and lively dogs, and for mischievous dogs that are focused on damaging pet belongings. This kind of daycare is appropriate for animals that are afraid and haven’t fully learned how to socialise, like most dogs that are acquired from shelters.

The dog daycare is a great option for owners who, for various reasons, are unable to give their pets the necessary attention and provide the crucial walks that every dog needs.

Frequently, pet owners look for a way to address their pets’ destructive behaviour by enlisting the assistance of a trainer. However, many people are not aware that even the most skilled educators interact with animals while they are being walked and played with. Once a dog has satisfied its requirements, it is prepared to show affection and follow its owners’ commands. Thus, nursery can also serve as a means of behaviour control.

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How do we provide the service?

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The time for receiving and transmission is between 8 and 20 hours. Usually, the service functions most well if you bring your pet in the morning and collect them in the late afternoon or evening. Here, your pet will interact with other animals and receive affection. He will have the chance to engage in both physical and mental activities. By the end of the day, your dog will be delightfully fatigued and ready to rest.

We do not currently offer transportation services, so if you choose to use our ‘dog daycare’, you will need to be able to conveniently bring and pick up your pets yourself.

Daycare, doggy daycare or dog daycare are all words that refer to the provision of a pet sitting service throughout the day. This service is quite comparable to childcare for young children and does share parallels with the human version. So, we will now focus on a few key elements of the service:

The information we have provided regarding hotels that allow pets is also relevant to childcare and dog daycare.

Our pet day and night care facility is a place where we prioritise the safety of your dog. Therefore, kindly refrain from getting bored by our regular inquiries on vaccines, deworming, gastrointestinal issues, and so on. A pet hotel is similar to a creche for children. Visiting us for the first time entails experiencing a different environment and a range of feelings, such as initial stress or heightened excitement. These causes lower your dog’s immune system and that’s why it’s crucial to keep him safe using the methods that have been discovered, including a vaccine for infectious tracheobronchitis (kennel cough). Due to this reason, we kindly request your understanding if you own a dog that is less than 1 year old and we are unable to accommodate your stay at the hotel. Younger canines have a higher likelihood of falling unwell. Upon receiving indications of an increased occurrence of giardia and/or canine corona virus, we decline admittance to animals with weakened immune systems (such as dogs with gastritis, etc.) and/or dogs less than 1 year old.

Dog daycare at Hubba Hubba Pets and it's advantages

Dogs have a great natural inclination to engage with humans and socialise with other dogs, which is why our pet daycare offers these two essential activities for your pets – human attention and interactions with new canine companions. Regular interaction with other canines is beneficial for developing and strengthening social behaviour. Games are an excellent kind of exercise, benefiting both the mental and physical well-being of dogs. They also contribute to building confidence in strange surroundings, which is a crucial aspect of an animal’s socialisation.We, as employees, ensure that this is done in a suitable and advantageous manner for your dog. Contact and interaction among animals should avoid rough play and should not reach a point where play might escalate into reactive behaviour amongst dogs. The care and affection we show them should not be harmful, but instead, it should be given at appropriate times when the dogs exhibit positive conduct, without causing any feelings of jealously between them. Toys and rewards are used to promote positive behaviour and their regulated use is an integral part of the effective methods we depend on.

When performed effectively, some advantages of dog daycare include:

There are no negative impacts on learning at home.

If you teach your dog at home and work with him, it’s important to understand that generally the service doesn’t provide a risk of altering the techniques and outcomes of training.

However, there are instances where our retrieving service may not effectively resolve and eliminate some types of undesirable behaviour that your dog has already exhibited. This is why we request that you inform us accurately if you are experiencing any issues with your dog at home. This way, we can assess if our service is effective in addressing the problem or if it would be more appropriate to recommend you to another professional.

Please refer to the “Questions and Requirements” page for more information on how to register your dog with us.

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Take a look at the “Questions and Requirements” page where you can get more complete information on how to register your dog with us.