Dog Hotel in Sofia

What about a dog boarding facility in Sofia that provides safety and trustworthiness to you and joy to your pets?

How would you describe this dog hotel? How do the personnel feel about the animals? Will they actually walk my dog or will they mistreat him by confining him in a crate?

Will my animal experience stress? Will they give her their attention?

These and several more inquiries cross the mind of every proprietor who requires this service. Additional inquiries are made by individuals who have had unfavourable encounters when searching for such services throughout the years.

Happy moments every day

Our staff aims to demonstrate that a “dog hotel ” can indeed provide a delightful experience, a fantastic holiday, and a comfortable home away from home for your beloved pet.

We have a spacious three-story house, a yard measuring 1400 m2 with a designated area for games and other activities, and a pleasant pine wood.

"A decent person experiences embarrassment even while in the presence of a dog." - Anton Chekhov

Домашна среда в Hubba Hubba Pets

Home environment

If the weather is unfavourable, the dogs are not bored once more. A living area of approximately 80 square metres provides a dry and clean space for play during rainy and muddy weather. Ultimately, this section of the house also functions as a space for relaxation. Here we provide mattresses for our most sociable four-legged friends, and they peacefully go slumber.

Communal living arrangements like this require ongoing oversight from the carers. We never leave the animals unattended.

However, not all dogs feel at ease in the presence of others, and not all dogs are capable of feeling at ease in the presence of others. Factors in animal behaviour such as hormones, hypersensitivity, or fear can hinder a dog’s ability to adjust to such an environment. In this situation, we also provide individual rooms that are spacious and comfortable enough to be a suitable choice for housing this kind of pet.

Educational Stay

Our hotel is a location where we will not only care for your pet. We shall make every effort to ensure that his stay is productive.

Firstly, we only assist dogs that experience fear or exhibit initial signs of unsociable behaviour. We observe behavioural improvement in lively young animals who are determined to damage their owners’ belongings. We have assisted in promoting social interaction and developing cleanliness routines.

However, we are able to offer a peaceful and comfortable home environment for pets who are already settled and established.

Pet safety

Our pet day and night care facility is a place where we prioritise the safety of your dog.

Please don’t be uninterested by our numerous inquiries regarding vaccines, deworming, gastrointestinal difficulties, and so on.

A pet hotel can be compared to a creche for children. Visiting us for the first time entails experiencing a different setting and a range of feelings, such as initial stress or heightened activity.

These variables lower your dog’s immunity, and that’s why it’s necessary to ensure his protection using the methods that have been discovered, such as administering a vaccine for infectious tracheobronchitis (kennel cough).

Due to this, we kindly request your understanding if you own a dog that is less than 1 year old and we are unable to accommodate your stay at the hotel.

Сигурност за домашни любимци

Younger canines have a higher likelihood of falling ill. When we obtain proof that there is a greater occurrence of giardia and/or canine coronavirus in the Sofia region, we decline entry to animals with weakened immune systems (such as dogs with gastritis, etc.) and/or dogs less than 1 year old.

Following bodily well-being is mental well-being. We are a dog boarding facility that cannot accommodate dogs unless we are certain that they will be content while with us and that our care of the dogs will be beneficial. If not beneficial, we at least need to be satisfied that it will not cause any harm. Therefore, please do not be taken aback if we request your presence for a trial day. This will provide us with an opportunity to observe how your pet is feeling, and even if he is experiencing stress, it will become evident within a day if that stress eventually subsides.

Some pet owners who have pets that are not very sociable may be shocked to learn that our dog boarding facility offers private rooms. However, we still encourage them to bring their pets for a trial visit. A comfortable and tidy apartment may be considered pleasant by humans, but for a dog, it can feel like being confined in a prison or a cage. That’s why, in this situation as well, we need to personally observe that the animal will be at ease in its enclosure.

Many people who have dogs who are not neutered but are sociable like the freedom we offer through what we refer to as “shared care.” However, they are often taken aback when we want them to visit beforehand. Actually, hormones in dogs are essential in a pet boarding setting, and we must assess whether these hormones indicate responsive behaviour.

We also need to determine if we can offer a secure and suitable pet care service when separation is necessary due to sexual activity. Considering what we have spoken so far, we would want to emphasise that safety is indeed our top priority. For us, a job well done means having a content, relaxed, and thriving pet. Our honesty stems from the fact that we provide the owners with all the facts without holding anything back. If we determine that a dog is not suitable for our hotel, we will swiftly inform you. We believe that this is the appropriate course of action to help you locate an alternate or suitable choice for caring for your dog.

Regrettably, we have limited space available.

We are pleased that many individuals rely on us to care for their pets, however we now only operate one dog hotel in Sofia.

Therefore, we kindly request your indulgence in situations when you have contacted us at short notice and were unable to be accommodated. Frequently, locations may become fully booked, thus it is advisable to make your bookings well in advance.

This dog hotel in Sofia offers a method of caring for animals that is not appropriate for Molossian dogs, save for English and French Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston Terriers, Great Danes, and Boxers.

Също така този кучешки хотел в София предоставя начин на гледане на животни, който не е подходящ за кучета от групата на молосите, с изключение на английски и френски булдог, мопс, бостън териер, немски дог и боксер.

Please refer to the “Questions and Requirements” page for more comprehensive details regarding the full process of registering your dog with us.

Hubba Hubba хотел за кучета София

What makes the Hubba Hubba Dog Hotel in Sofia a Good Choice?

Хотел за кучета София

Dog owners in the capital city have convenient access to Hubba Hubba Pets, a dog boarding facility in Sofia, situated in the district. The hotel is situated near Boyana, which is a 20-minute drive from the city core. “Hubba” is ideally situated at the base of the mountains and benefits from a generous natural setting and amenities, offering a comfortable and cosy environment.

We have a lengthy record of offering excellent care for dogs, and we make every effort to guarantee your pet has an enjoyable experience with us.

Our team is committed and content to ensure the happiness of your pets. Our prices are reasonably priced, and we provide savings for extended stays.