Prices for Staying in Hotel for Dogs Sofia

Цени на Хъба Хъба хотел за кучета София

1. Hotel for Dogs Sofia


  • Although the hotel operates 24/7, the drop-off and pick-up time is between 8 am and 10 am, and after that between 1 pm and 8 pm.

  • The price is per day, not per night. The rates are charged daily no matter how long the pet has stayed and whether it stayed overnight with us. If you want to take your pet at an earlier hour and do not want to pay for a whole day’s stay, then you need to come between 8 am and 10 am. Thus, we can use his place and we will not charge you for the day.

  • Food is not included in the price, as usually customers bring it themselves, so as not to disturb the pet diet.

  • Owners of 2/3 dogs are eligible for a 20/30 % discount on the prices of the “Pet Hotel” service including the package prices.

  • In busy periods during the year, it might be possible HUBBA HUBBA LTD to ask you for payment in advance when you are making your reservation. During not busy periods you will not pay in advance and you are free to decline the reservation even “last minute action”.

2. Doggy Daycare – BGN 30 per day.


  • Promotional packages are valid only if they are booked and paid before the period to which they will apply.
  • Promotional packages apply only to animals whose separation in an individual room is not required for reasons such as increased sexual activity or certain asocial behavior.

  • Owners of 2 dogs are eligible for a 20% discount on the prices for the service “Daycare (nursery)” for pets including package prices.

  • Owners of 3 dogs are eligible for a 30% discount on the prices for the service “Daycare (nursery)” for pets including package prices.

3. Mountain walks

The duration is between 45 and 75 minutes depending on the weather conditions and the way of walking (free or on a lead).

4. Obedience and interactive games with a coach/animator.


  • Classes are held only on working days from Monday to Friday.

  • Classes cannot be held around and during public holidays due to the heavy workload of our hotel services.

  • Obedience classes do not result in completed training, they give the necessary dose of daily mental activity and positively affect the household habits of the pet.

5. Transport to the hotel or back to your home.

The prices depend on location, day and hour for transport service. Please call us and when we understand your needs we will give you the correct information.

6. Brush and bath.

Dear clients, we are not a professional grooming company, but of course, we can brush and give a bath to your loving 4-paws friend before you take him/her from our hotel.

If you want this service please let us know in advance.

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