Pet Kennel

Pet Kennel

We offer dog boarding and cat boarding in our dog kennels and cat kennels in Sofia. And how does pet boarding look in Sofia? How are pets treated, and will my dog be taken out or locked in? Will my cat be stressed, will he or she be paid attention to?

 These and many more questions go through an owner’s head needing this service. There are even more questions for people who have already experienced inhumane treatment or have even picked up their pets completely stressed which unfortunately happens all to often in Bulgaria.

A wonderful experience

 Our team will demonstrate that a pet hotel could be a wonderful experience, even a wonderful vacation and a cozy home outside your beloved pet’s home. For this purpose we have at our disposal a three-level house, a large yard of 1,400 m2 with some space for play and exercise, and a cool pine grove. We are located in the immediate vicinity of the Vitosha national park, an asset enthusiastically enjoyed by our guests – the doggies.. Our team consists of people who worship their job and give love to each living thing in the house.


Daily walks

And the doggies…they usually walk for 4 hours on the mountain, and in the remaining time they learn commands and play. When blissful fatigue gets the upper hand, they retire to their own rooms for a snooze. As you can see, we are not advocates of cells but rather of freedom. It is an important condition for the good social behaviour of a dog. So now is the time to mention that we accept only socialized animals which are, of course, vaccinated and have passports.


Plenty of room for everyone

We have two rooms for cats which have everything a cat needs to feel comfortable, such as climbing gadgets, claw rasping gadgets and a lot of toys. We are also working to construct a special room for rodents, although we already have a bunny that feels wonderful with us.