Our Home

Lev Tolstoy mused that “A person is happy at home”. Is it true for pets? Yes and no…They are really most happy when at home, but not when they are alone and feel bored.


Our home is your pet’s home, a place where they will not be alone and will certainly never get bored. Here they will play, run, socialize…and will be happy.

At the foot of Vitosha

We have at our disposal a three-level house, a large yard of 1,400 m2 with some space for play and exercise, and a cool pine grove. We are located in the immediate vicinity of the Vitosha national park, an asset enthusiastically enjoyed by our guests – the doggies.. Our team consists of people who worship their job and give love to each living thing in the house. And the doggies…they usually walk for 4 hours on the mountain, and in the remaining time they learn commands and play. When blissful fatigue gets the upper hand, they retire to their own rooms for a snooze.