Dog Day Care


Dog Day care and Dog sitting

Our Doggy Day Care service is a wonderful opportunity for your pet to tackle boredom, indulge in the company and play of fellow pets, run amid pure nature, eliminate the rudiments of a destructive behaviour and at the same time practice and learn new commands. This service is appropriate for all masters and mistresses who, for one reason or another, lack the time to pay sufficient attention to their pets or provide them with a long walk that is so important for them. Likewise, Doggy Day Care helps owners with baby pets, especially in a period when they learn to relieve themselves in the open, or owners whose young and vigorous pets have started demolishing their property.


How does the service work?

If our location is convenient for you, you could personally leave your pet with us. During the day he/she will play, walk and learn, and will await you blissfully tired at the end of the day. Your doggy will be clean and ready for a good night’s sleep at home. If our location is not convenient for you, you could avail yourself of our transport services. We can pick your dog up from your home and take it back at the end of the day.