Care at your home



You will be away from home but you have a pet that feels good at home and you do not want to throw him off balance. You ask yourself if there is anyone who could take care of your pet at your home? You live in a house and you have a wonderful doggy in the yard …But now that you have to travel, you wonder if anybody could come and feed and water him/her?




What to do with your cat or bunny?

Your dog gets stressed when not at home, but on the other hand, when you will not be home for some time, you wonder how to find anyone to provide him/her with long and sufficient walks? You have a cat that loves cuddling and playing with you, but now that you have to be away, you ask yourself whether there is anyone that could come and pay the necessary attention? You are the happy owners of a small cute bunny and you wonder if there is anyone that could come and play with it, clean for it and feed it, while you are away?




No need to change the environment

You could find the answers to these questions with us and they will be affirmative. We offer the Taking Care of Your Pets at Your Home service namely to respond to the needs of those clients of ours who would not like their pets to change the domestic environment. Hubba Hubba will help you with your responsibility to your pets. They will be happy, taken care of and will be loved. Well, we cannot take your place in your pet’s heart but will sure make the time of your absence more pleasant for them. You could also rely on us for all the activities you usually do at home, such as watering the plants, getting the mail, etc. In case you are interested in this kind of service, call the telephone numbers mentioned in the Contacts section and we will choose the best option to make you feel calm while away from home.